Knox motorcycle gloves – pricey or not 

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Planet Knox is one of the most famous manufacturer of motorcycle equipment. Helmets are surely the most important part of motorcycle gear and you are obligated by law to wear them. Other motorcycle equipment as well as gloves or knees and elbows protectors, aren’t required by law but they are surely important for your protection during your motorcycle ride and if you like racing, it should be indispensable part of your gear.

Planet Knox produces different kinds of gloves in the Hand Armour glove range and they are not all of the same quality and protection levels. Some of them are designed for winter season, some for summer. Some of the gloves are shorter, and some cover even the back of your hand, depending on if tucking your jacket sleeves bothers you, you can choose what you like.

1d12cb30e013fe747224b0465df61c56Knox Handroid motorcycle gloves are probably the most expensive ones because of their quality and unique look but also their contribution for Planet Knox awards. Knox Handroid gloves price can cost you up to $180, but in spite of their price all of the customers are satisfied with quality and protection possibilities provided by these. Handroid gloves posses few of the most innovative features such as Boa Lacing system that keeps your glove from slipping off, and Exoskeleton Spines which represent the latest protection system and also contribute to the unique look of these gloves.

Biomech motorcycle gloves are the ones worn by TT winner Michael Dunlop, and that is what makes them popular as well as floating knuckle and metapod filled with honeycomb gel which is also one of the latest protection systems. Biomech motorcycle gloves can cost you up to $110 which means that they are a little bit less pricey than Handroids. While browsing the Planet Knox website you can often find some discounts for these type, and if you do they can cost you about $60 which is you shall admit pretty great offer. Their levels of quality and protection are approximately the same. If you do not like tucking your sleeves in your cuffs, these ones are not the right kind for you, so you should look for some other kind.knox-zero-2-19785_0

Knox Zero 2 gloves are about the same price as Biomech ones, they can cost you up to $110 and they also have their pros and cons. If you need gloves for winter season these ones are probably the right ones for you, they are thicker than other kinds and they can keep your hands warm even when the outside temperature is below zero. Don’t be sorry to give these kind of money for them, because I assure you, you will not have any regrets.

One of the cheapest Knox motorcycle gloves are Covert and Tech Style motorcycle gloves, so if you can’t afford Handroid or Biomech gloves you can choose this ones. Their price can range from $60 to $90. Since it is designed by Planet Knox you can be sure their quality won’t disappoint you. They are probably worth every penny.

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Knox Motorcycle Gloves – Handroids and their Boa Lacing System 

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When you ask bikers for the greatest motorcycle equipment, the most common answer you will hear is that it is Planet Knox’s one.  Planet Knox is UK’s leading manufacturer of motorcycle equipment, they produce everything from helmets, jacket and boots to motorcycle gloves. Helmets are of course the most important part of biker’s equipment, however other parts are also of great importance. Gloves can have multiple benefits for bikers, they can keep their hands dry and warm while they ride through colder areas, and they can protect biker’s hands from injuries in case of an accident. They come in different sizes, shapes, designs and from different manufacturers. Only Planet Knox’s glove department called Knox Lab has several kinds of them such as Biomech, Recon and Handroid motorcycle gloves. Planet Knox won several awards thanks to Handroid gloves and their innovative design.

Knox_Glove-review-1The one word that can perhaps describe Knox Handroid Motorcycle Gloves is unique. They are the first gloves ever made with Exoskeleton Spines and Boa Lacing system. These gloves have multiple other features such as Knox gel metapod that covers the back of the hand, Knox wrist and cuff sliders and others, they are often made of kangaroo leather or Japanese race leather. Handroids have full CE approval and they passed many endurance test including impact and abrasion test, tear strength test and so on. Their main purpose is protection of the biker’s hands from breakage of bones and other injuries.

The one thing that differs Handroid gloves from other motorcycle gloves is Boa Lacing System that has not been developed by Knox Lab, it’s a system that has been licensed by Boa Technology. Boa Lacing system isn’t used only for gloves, it can be mild, medium and extra strong depending on which type of equipment it’s required for. Mild Boa Lacing systems are used for gloves, street and running shoes, Medium Boa system works on hiking boots, and extra strong ones on snowboarding boots and similar complex gear.

Anything that needs secure lacing system that can provide no pressure points and “glove-like fit” is a perfect candidate for this company and their system. If you have example of a new product in need of this kind of lacing system, you can always contact Boa Technology via e-mail, or their Facebook page, they are always open to new ideas and you wouldn’t be the only one contacting them.

Boa Lacing System allows biker to adjust their gloves in a second and with no more than two fingers. Unlike hook and loop system that only tightens the bottom of the biker’s hand and can easily fall off, Boa Lacing system is firm and secure even if it does not even feel tight. Boa lacing system consist of around 50 strands of wire, so called lace reels that are as thin as nylon strands used for fishing purposes but as firm as a rock.

If you are looking for perfect gloves that are comfy and can protect you at the same time, Knox Handroid motorcycle gloves are probably the right choice for you, by the way for this kind of pleasure you should set aside about $170 but its worth every penny.

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Knox Gloves – Handroids

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If you are a passionate motorcycle rider and spend many hours on the road, then you should probably consider some safety measures if you haven’t already.
By safety measures, of course, we mean body armor which will protect you in case of an accident. Everybody knows about helmets, knee pads, abrasion resistant jackets and so on, but not many of you know you could protect your hands too. Most people see gloves as a means to protect yourself from cold while riding fast or during cold weathers, but Planet Knox sees more than that.

Planet Knox is a company that specializes in everything a motorcyclist needs, from boots, helmets, knee pads to gloves. They are quickly gaining reputation as best company for these kind of things, currently most popular in UK and Australia, but soon they will rise to the global level of reputation. If you’re not in a geographical way able to visit Planet Knox’s shops, don’t worry, you can always visit them online. Head over to and browse all they have to offer. Among the articles for sale you will find many reviews and comments based on people who bought them, and believe it or not, they are all positive.Knox_Handroid_glove_blue

If given a chance to describe Planet Knox in a few words, we would probably say innovative and unique. They have been awarded several times in the competition for best gloves and many popular professional racers wore their products. One of them is eleven times TT winner Michael Dunlop.

Planet Knox has many types of gloves you could buy, varying in all kinds of features. For all seasons and all sizes, and a wide range of prices which could fit any ones budget. Some of these are Handroid gloves, Zero 2 gloves, Biomech gloves, Orsa gloves and more.

Their most prized possession are surely Handroid gloves. These gloves are the latest technology with the two most notable features worth mentioning, ”Boa Lacing System’‘ and ”Exoskeleton Spines”.
Boa Lacing System is a technology which Planet Knox didn’t invent themselves but are using it because they believe it to be the best there is. Boa system comes in three types – mild, medium, and extra strong. Boa Lacing system was developed by Boa Technology and they are using it for equipment like hiking boots, bicycling shoes, basically for all outdoor activity outfits. The system for gloves consists of 49 individual strands of stainless steel wire. The revolution in gloves here is that it has no pressure points which will irritate you, but it will still ”fit like a glove” and stay on without slipping.448

The other feature is ”Exoskeleton spines” which run along the back of the fingers. The spines are attached to the main knuckle with strings that pull back on the fingers very slightly. This will give you a kind of ”natural buoyancy” feel as you hold onto the break and clutch lever with two fingers. Aside from the resting feeling they also serve as armor for your knuckles and fingers. Handroids are a bit costly but if you are aiming to have the best gear, these should definitely be on your list.

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